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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone i am frank mallicoat >> i am michele griego >> we have developing news out of oakland at this hour where a car has jumped a curb and it may have impact of a building near the intersection of 14th avenue and franklin, at least six people were injured and oakland fire is now on the scene, we
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have a crew on the scene and will have more information as soon as it comes in. >> a 12 year-old girl had barely settled into her new home when her life was tragically cut short. >> she was hit by a car and killed while riding a bicycle home from school yesterday near sandy creek way. and as cate caugurian tells us, people living in that area have long complained about that dangerous intersection. >> there are no words to express the sorrow and loss that you feel when a child's life is taken >> tomorrow grows, people dropped off flowers for the 12 year-old girl was killed after being hit head-on by an s u v yesterday afternoon. she was biking home from school and police say that she was riding against traffic wearing a helmet. the coroner's office identified her, she and her family moved here from mexico two weeks ago. this woman said she was the oldest of four. >> beautiful, loving. outgoing. and her mother as well, i mean,
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she just go right into coming to school. >> she was a student at this middle school, staff brought in grief counselors to help students and teachers deal with the tragedy. parents say that their kids are asking tough questions at the wish that had the answers to. >> they always ask why it happens to someone so innocent and so young. >> as for the investigation, the driver of the s u v was visiting from out of state and is cooperating with them. >> there are no signs of impairment at this point or any laws that were violated but we're certainly exploring all options and making sure we understand exactly what happened and how this occurred. >> this intersection has been they point of contention in the city, neighbors complain that it needs better warning signs, the sergeant says this tragic accident could spark talks of changes to the intersection but change is too late for haley. >> the pain is deep and will be before our community but what we want to express most is our
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deepest love and support for the family but haley and for her friends. >> one parent tells me they're planning a candlelight vigil tonight and the principal says the grief counselors will be here to help students and teachers cope in this tough time. >> a morgan hill mother on the run right now, police say the 38 year-old use her 10 year-old daughter to help shoplift at a safeway store. police say that i filled out a card with $150 worth of food and alcohol and investigators say the daughter was waiting at the exit while the mother went to get the car, the daughter was caught and her mother took off. the girl's grandmother tells us that she is manic depressive. >> a mother and daughter managed to escape a big fire at their south bay home today and ann mackovic is here with at a gadget that fire crews say save their lives. >> fire flared up on this roof
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long after firefighters had it under control this morning. at a house where two women escaped because a smoke alarm will them up. >> i saw the daughter and a mother running outside with the dog. and i called 9 1 1. >> you can see from the fire department photographs how intense the fire got. neighbors say that it seemed like they waited forever before firefighters came. >> the daughter was crying asking where they were. >> in reality the fire department says it was only six minutes, a relatively quick response. one of the main concerns about this fire is the material that the roof is made of, wood paneling. that makes fire spread very quickly and could have easily jump to the home next door. >> it is a tinderbox, like a campfire. it brings very fast. and it really puts off a lot of ambers' and things like that when it is burning. >> mary sela from a block away. >> i could see the flames across the street, there were twice as high as the rooftop.
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so, there was a big black plume of smoke. >> luckily no one was injured, the mother and 22 year-old daughter that is bigger shaken but alive and firefighters are trying to salvage what is left. >> the roof is mostly burned off with the brief falling inside of the house so there's a chance of damage throughout the house. >> firefighters say it started accidentally near the act but it is still under investigation. a small earthquake rattled the east bay a few hours ago, the magnitude 2.7 tremor hit around 9:25 a.m., the epicenter was 2 mi. south east of berkeley. no damages or injuries have been reported at this time. >> the man behind the anti muslim video that sparked angry protests against the united states in the middle east is now in jail. he was arrested yesterday, his face covered, a federal judge in southern california ordered him to jail because he had violated parole terms for a check fraud
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conviction unrelated to the video. the judge also believes that he is a flight risk. minnesota residents morning the loss of four people after a gunman opened fire at a minneapolis office. it happened yesterday afternoon, a former employee was the shooter and had just recently lost his job at a sign making company. the founder of that company is among those killed, the shooter took his own life. >> a mad dash for cash for the presidential candidates ahead of their first debate. mitt romney is targeting the states of massachusetts and pennsylvania. reports say that he will pull in close to 71 $5 billion at one fund-raiser alone. as for the president, he is expected to raise two and half million dollars at three events. also on the campaign trail, a controversial of the recording of mitt romney is being used against them. >> i do not think that we can get very far with leaders that write off half of the nation.
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as a bunch of victims who never take responsibility for their own lives. >> both candidates will spend the weekend preparing for next wednesday's presidential debate. a new tell-all book from arnold schwarzenegger is about to hit bookshelves. he is talking with 60 minutes in his first interview since the affair with his family's housekeeper. >> i inflicted tremendous pain on rea, an unbelievable pain on the kids. >> he also says this was the biggest mistake of his marriage, another political tidbit in the book, cow karl rove thought that the actor would never make it to the governor's office here in the golden state. watch the full interview sunday at 7:00 on cbs 5. i hear that it is very telling, nothing is off limits. >> counting down to what may be a traffic mess. >> one of the biggest technology in vengeance in the country takes over downtown san fransisco. >> mobile weather comes inside
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today from that very grey sky in san fransisco. inside of this very festive warehouse where later this week and tens of thousands of people will fill these tables. and we're going to tell you why. >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center, low clouds hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
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>> >> 4 of the 5 cop cities to sell i home in our right here in northern california. topple the list san fransisco oratory realistic website. right now an average house in
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san fransisco stays on the market a little over two weeks, a dramatic change from 63 days last year. sacramento was no. 2 on the last fall by oakland and san jose coming in sets. stocks trading lower on the last of the quarter even with the decline wall street is attracting some small gains for the quarter. let's take a look at the big board for this day and right now the dow is down nearly 50 points, 48 and change. >> oracle getting ready to take over san fransisco, they're open world show kicks off on monday, registration starts tomorrow and crews are busy setting up today, the event has been spread out throughout the city, event is expected to pour $120 million into the bay area economy. counting down to the critical mass ride in downtown san fransisco. thousands as people expected to show up tonight and celebrate two decades of activism and attitude. the street party on 2 wheel
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started in 1992, the goal was to protest the dominance of cars on city streets and phil matier chatted it up with the san fransisco top cop on what drivers can expect tonight. >> we're just asking for motorists to be patient. we do not want to create that event. we know that it will be bigger on the 20th anniversary but it has been a movable feast. a half-hour has been an anomaly, normally we're looking at 5 minutes, just be patient, breathe deeply. again, we don't want to create a confrontation. >> they meet at 6:00 at justin herman plaza, keep up with traffic updates on go home early or stay late. one of the best oktoberfest celebrations happening in the bay area all weekend long. >> ladies, this is a study that you may want to share with your spouse, the connection between
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household chores and divorce. that is coming up next. >> sunshine showing up in the,, dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me.
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dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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>> i high-speed chase in arizona, you can see that car, law-enforcement chasing that car apparently it is a carjacking
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suspect going through west phoenix a for almost an hour. apparently that suspect fired shots at officers, this is interstate 10 in west phoenix. again, they are going at high speeds right now. and apparently he got off the highway at one point and then got back on. hopefully this will and safely. it looks like he might be slowing down. we can check back in with that. >> now on to this, a british driver has won his third successive cliff diving title accomplishing it yesterday in the middle eastern country of all months, 5000 people watched him to the triple what it dies. there it is, his trademark move, scored more than 500 points on that dive, something he has never done before. i can do a mean cannonball. >> i could see lawrence doing that. what he a 100 ft. up there? that is amazing.
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>> have you ever been cliff diving? >> i have but not at 100 ft., maybe 10 ft.. people run the bay area, we're getting ready for a hot weekend although that fog is very stubborn. watching that as were coming upstairs, it should clear out shortly but in the meantime is holding on even inside of the bay and valleys their clearing out now with temperatures beginning to warm up, 69 degrees in concord and 72 sunshine in livermore and 62 degrees and grey skies and san fransisco. as we head to the afternoon, hazy sunshine taking over but still a couple of patches of coastal fog and tonight we will see clouds but i think they will stay near the coastline and the interior valleys will stay clear as high pressure will camp overhead and this weekend sunshine really going to crank up the centers, getting hot and spicy especially when the coastline. high pressure building in today and over the next 24 to 36 hours that will set the stage for a major warming trend as we head throughout the weekend. on sunday we expect that he to
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peak. a heat watch going into effect sunday into monday. those are probably going to be the hottest days in this heat wave with images expected in the mid and upper 90s in mind, anywhere away from the coastline. watch out for that, today will not be that hot still mice with low '80s in san jose and 76 in san mateo and then eighties, maybe low ninety's well inland by the afternoon and inside of the bay we will squeeze in the sunshine and bring you '60s and '70s and if you 80 showing up in the north bay. the next couple of days we're going to see the temperatures soaring outside especially in the interior valleys into the upper 90s on sunday and then we will finally start to see cooling as we head through the middle of this next week. it is more to be a hot weekend but if you're looking for someplace to keep cool, roberta gonzales may have found a place, octoberfest. >> definitely much cooler here, right now grey skies in san fransisco and 65 degrees by at&t park. i left my house and it was 75
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degrees in pleasanton. we are cooling off but things will heat up later today because right here in this warehouse outside of at&t park is going to be one of the biggest oktoberfest celebrations in the world. tom martin is here to tell us about it. >> the 13th annual octoberfest. we have come a long way. this is now at 6 recognized as the best in the country. >> we are at pier 38, this giant warehouse, why not outdoors? >> we have a little bit of outdoors here. given that we're in the city, you never know what will happen with the weather. it could be raining or cold. so this works out well for us. and it is just like being in a munich beer tent. >> expecting tens of thousands of people and lots of music as well? >> incredible music, we have a five piece band and a 21 piece band.
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from chicken, to sausage, to take knuckle, pretzels, you name it, it is fantastic. >> we have traditional women's wear, lederhosen, hats. >> i want to remind people that they had out here to pure 48, the morning hours, a little gray, but later on in the day the temperatures will be near 80 degrees easily by sunday. inside of the warehouse here? >> the beer wherwill be very cold. >> we have a link on cbs sf .com reappraising already need to know about oktoberfest in the city of san francisco. oktoberfest by the day, one of the 10 best in the united states of america. and if i say so myself, nice lederhosen ... >> i did not know that is what the recalled.
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>> nothing says friday like the pulka ... >> we love the music. ok. listen up. this is the secret to making your marriage last. don't share the housework? are you happy about that? this is according to one study, just one. norwegian researchers say that divorce rates are 50 percent higher among modern couples who share chores around the house. relationships for women to the lion's share of housework, they just seem to last longer. researchers say that defined roles curb argument and others say that men must have conducted the study. >> i spoke to your husband and he does not present the tours are your ok. >> not 90 percent, but he does a lot. >> 85 percent? i thought that you're going to say 100 percent. >> you may call this a bad day at work.
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>> people beaches are on the market right now, we have done a lot of tips on peaches but a fall varieties are loaded with flavor. take a look at these.
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later on in the fall what happens is that lead in the season, they become more yellow then read. so that is how that you want to buy them. the more yellow, the better they will be. when you bring them home, store them on the counter, not in the refrigerator. some offered in the refrigerator, you will alter the ripening process. store them on the counter and sugar will start to explode in side of the speeches and the flavor will be there too. enjoyed the speeches, just a slight give to the touch and you do not want them to saw off to enjoy them. i am tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. fall is a great time for summer fruits. >> a young law firm worker uses street smarts to compete with her manhattan colleagues. >> we have a chance to chat with the stars of the new cbs show. >> she gets attention in the
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media when she offers an unusual angles to a murder case and she catches my eye. but other than that, it is the way that she approaches the case, the way she uses her brain and things of things, it is the street smart thing that she is bringing to the law firm that is, let's just say it is upper crust. she is a breath of fresh air. >> that is kyle mclaughlin, along with general montgomery who had to lose her british accent to go jersey. she said that took some work. debuts tonight at 9:00. she's a doll, i got to talk to both of them. >> a bad day at the office may include too much paperwork and not enough resources. >> a different story for news reporters in the field, watch ... >> i'm sorry to bother you, i'm with channel 10 top cop >> of florida reporter was trying to interview a former candidate under investigation for campaign improprieties thaw, the man's wife responded with a big job of water in the
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reporter's face. the journalist asked his camera " i hope that you got that ". >> that is what we would all say " were you rolling? ". >> sometimes i get that on a bad forecast. >> that has happened a lot. >> too often. >> it is friday, a great weekend. enjoy the heat to. >> that will do it for cb,,
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